Our Vision:   

Greenhealthycrops llc is a American based company specialized in produce and export all Spices, Herbs, Seeds and Herbal tea all over the world. Land Spices Co was established  as a pioneer in building a direct bond between producing and exporting using the accumulation of experiences across generations in herbs cultivation.

We are dedicated to supplying and exporting the premium quality from spices, herbs and Seeds. We are confident in our ability to build healthy relationships based on integrity. Our consultations in the food industry are unique and the cornerstone of our commitment. It is our aim to keep our customers apprised about the markets so that they are able to take informed decisions on covering their requirements.

Our Philosophy:


We want to provide unsurpassed quality and that took dedication to this artisan craft. As direct exporter of an array of herbs, spices, seeds and related products, our quality assurance team and our partners in the fields work diligently so that you can feel confident about what you’re getting.

Our responsibility is to ensure that we provide excellent services beyond Clients expectation and total satisfaction to meet customers’ demand and value for money desired to our clients who are our partners and the reason for our being in business. We shall on a continuous basis strive hard always to meet and exceed their expectations at fair and reasonable prices.